How To Build An Underground 

Hobbit House

That You Can Live In, That Will
Last 100's Of Years
Waterproofing of the dome and exterior surfaces

Being underground the risk of water infiltration is high. Steps were taken to minimize this risk. Included as means and methods are:
1. drainage tile around foundation perimeter
2. slab is cast on interior of perimeter wall foundation
3. joints made between the wall foundation and the dome include a waterstop made from expandable hydrophilic rope
4. Fluid applied waterproofing (black sticky stuff) was applied to exterior to seal concrete surfaces
5. Heavy duty poly sheet was applied as a sheet membrane on top of fluid applied waterproofing
6. Bituthane stick and peel waterproofing was used on the dome top surfaces to waterproof the sky light and skylight cylinder shaft to the dome.

Partially backfilled structure
Protection board used on waterproofing 
protection board is used to isolate the soil backfill from the waterproofing materials