More Cool Hobbit Projects -

Bridges, Dams, Footbridges

Coming Soon, More Cool Projects- I will share with you how we do these amazing projects quickly and effectively. Life is short, find a project and start tomorrow. Every project is like going to the gym and staying fit with the benefit of creating something wonderful.
Concrete and Stone Hobbit Dam in 5 weekends and $2,000
concrete stone dam construction
Build this rustic Hobbit foot bridge in 2 weekends, $600
rustic foot bridge construction
By splitting a tree down the middle, in this case a tree 32 ft long, and spreading apart the two sides and building a deck on the surface you have a nice Hobbit Bridge. All that is needed is a chain saw. Of course Home Depot for the deck boards.
50 ft Span Cable Bridge 1 person - 4 days
this very simple to construct bridge was completed in 4 days. Drill holes in rock, grouting in cable strand into rock, stretching cable strand tight and decking with 2x6 treated wood.
Underground Hobbit House        Built with 3 persons in  2 weeks
Underground lava rock dome Hobbit House with Cave Entrance.
Hobbit Hydro Electric Power Plant
Hobbit Houses need electricity, lets build one.