How To Build An Underground 

Hobbit House

That You Can Live In, That Will
Last 100's Of Years
Skylight Bubble 5 Ft in Diameter out of the package
For $800  this is the most economical way to create a sky light. Alternative methods are fabricated multi pane (thermal pane) either curved (very expensive ) or triangular pyramid.

Stucco Interior Surfaces of Concrete Shell
hobbit house construction formwork concrete dome stucco finish
A layer of portland cement lime stucco was placed on the interior concrete surface of the dome to even out the surface and make a smooth paintable interior

Tool List


Mortar Mixer

Sponge Float


Mason Sand


Portland Cement

Door Trim with Stone 
hobbit house construction formwork concrete dome door way trip stone epoxy
Flat stones were placed and fastened to the stucco surface with an epoxy adhesive. After set more stucco was mixed and placed to blend the stone into the surrounding surfaces
Bathroom Door and Stone trim Above Door Opening
hobbit house construction formwork concrete dome wood doorway arch interior
Stones added to stucco at the bathroom entrance creates some important detail that makes the interior interesting
Door to Cellar 
hobbit house construction formwork concrete dome masonry entrance wooden door
Old wood boards salvaged from a 200 year old house are used throughout the hobbit house on doors and other needs to create an old world look.
Entrance Door From Inside
hobbit house construction formwork concrete dome entrance door wrought iron hinges
The main entrance door is made from old boards two layers thick. 
the door edges are trimmed with zinc sheets crimped onto the two door faces. Door hardware was found at a salvage shop
Stone Stairs to Second Level

Stone stairs make a nice transition between the two main levels on the hobbit house
Stone Concrete Counter Top for Kitchen
hobbit house construction formwork concrete dome concrete countertop with stone enlay

A Concrete stone countertop is used to create a kitchen area. Forms are placed on the counter bottom and sides. Concrete is mixed and placed and before set stones are layed into the wet concrete. After initial set the joints are tooled between the stones. An acrylic sealer is placed on the surface to allow for cleaning


Materials Used

Sakcrete Concrete Mix

Stone Floor
hobbit house construction stone floor

A layer of stone is placed on the concrete floor foundation.

Materials Used


Mortar Mix

    Mason Sand


    Portland Cement

Stone Used for Flooring
Stone was found at a local quarry that had color variation adding fun to the floor. 
Entrance Walkway 
hobbit house construction stone walkway entrance
Left over floor stones are used to trim out an entrance walkway. The exterior exposure brings out the wonderful color variations. Stones are laid in a dry mortar bed .
Replica wood Burning Stove
A replica wood burning cook stove is used to create an old world look. 

Brand- Sweatheart wood cook stove.